Places of Interest

Kellie's Castle

Forty kilometres south of Ipoh along Jalan Raja Nazrin Shah (Jalan Gopeng) stands Kellie Castle. William Kellie Smith, an English rubber planter, commissioned this Moorish style mansion in 1915. In the middle of construction, he left for England where is died in 1926 and the mansion was never completed. It is believed that it has hidden rooms and a secret tunnel.

Visiting hours : 9am - 6pm

Ipoh Railway Station


The Ipoh Railway Station is a stately building of Moorish architecture and closely resembles its Kuala Lumpur counterpart. It is an impressve landmark in Ipoh. Just across it is the City Hall, another neo-classical building.

Sam Poh Tong Temple

Four kilometres south of Ipoh is the famous Sam Poh Tong Temple, The temple is an impressive work of art with various statues of Buddha set among natural stalactite and stalagmite formations. There is also a wishing well, tortoise pond and garden within the temple grounds. Nearby is the colourful Ling Seng Tong Temple.

Visiting hours : 9am - 6pm

Perak Tong Temple

Set in the caves of Gunung Tasek, it was built in 1926 by a Buddhist monk from China. It now houses 40 Buddha statues, the centrepiece being a 12.8 metre statue of a sitting Buddha. Beyond the main altar is a passage leading into the interior.

Visiting hours : 9am - 6pm

Gua Tempurung

This is the mother of all caves, the largest limestone caves in Peninsular Malaysia. Located near Gopeng, just 24km south of Ipoh, the cave is nearly two kilometres in length. Made up of five huge domes, the well-lit interior boasts elegant formations of stalactites and staglagmites. A guided river or non-river adventure tour can be arranged. Visitors can select from tours requiring varying levels of fitness.

Visiting hours:9am - 5pm (subject to weather conditions)
(closed from 12.30pm - 2.30pm on Fridays)

Lost World of Tambun

This exciting water theme park in Tambun features a wave pool, natural hot spring, tube slides and also features a petting zoo. Ideal of family fun with young children

Visiting hours:11am - 6pm (close on Tuesdays except school holidays and public holidays)

Other places of interest outside of Ipoh

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